You've reached Dan Pemstein's web site. I'm an assistant professor of political science at North Dakota State University. I specialize in comparative legislative studies, political economy, and methodology. Much of my research examines how career ambition, party organization, and inter-institutional bargaining constraints interact to determine legislative behavior and policy outcomes in the European Union. My other current projects investigate the political economy of internet regulation, use statistical natural language processing methods to study parliaments, and explore questions of measurement in legislative and comparative politics. I'm also doing some cross-disciplinary work at the intersection of behavioral economics and cognitive psychology.

Additionally, I am involved in a number of software and data projects. In particular, I am a co-author of the Scythe Statistical Library, an open source C++ library for statistical computation, and a co-developer of the Unified Democracy Scores, a set of measures that leverage the efforts of a variety of experts to provide a composite scale of democracy, accompanied by estimates of measurement uncertainty. I also recently joined the Varieties of Democracy team as project manager for measurement methods.


You can find preprints and reprints of my publications and some data below. Take a look at my CV or google scholar profile if you want detail.


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